Sunday, May 8, 2011

when things go wrong - Development of Hutch

Character development of Hutchill West, the protagonist of when things go wrong, which eventually I will... maybe... get back to working on . Anyway, I wanted something that looked different from other designs of mine and I wasn't really in the habit of using reptilian characters so I started from there. At first he was a bit more humanoid than he is now, and I was toying with giving him feathers (because I could):

On the second page of designs you can see him looking a bit more like the end product, but here he's narrower and more... mm... snake-like, almost, and with more realistic eyes.

This is Hutch's current model sheet:

Blocky and simple, almost like a child's toy. Note that he still has the feathers here. I didn't take them off until I was working on the first page of the comic- they seemed extraneous, and I like his more streamlined look without them.

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