Wednesday, December 26, 2012

These are all different images I made to test colors in some form or another- some are to test color schemes for a design and some are just to play with colors in general.

This is a character design test. I kept the colors, mostly- might change the wing case- but I wound up changing the face and ears.
Am I insane or does he have the faintest resemblance to Nathan Lane here? Or is that not an either-or proposition anyway?

Another character test. Fun fact: I sent this exact lineart, uncolored, to a friend once in a coloring exchange without showing or telling her what color scheme I had in mind for the character, and she selected a similar color scheme to what I'd had planned all on her own. 
Apart from possibly tweaking the shirt and skirt this will likely remain this character's color model.

This is a bit sloppier of a color test. The guy in front mostly kept that color scheme but I made a lot of changes to the other character. 

This is a character I designed three years ago and pretty much didn't draw since- I was experimenting with matching colors together a few weeks ago, and I thought of her.
I tend to gravitate towards cold colors so for this I forced myself to pick warm ones. I'm not sure everything fits together right, but I do like how the girl turned out.