Friday, August 23, 2013

I drew a self-portrait I like, with one glaring omission.


No, that doesn't seem appropriate...

Not a good likeness...

Too much of a likeness, it's just eerie.

Back to work, I guess...

Friday, August 9, 2013

Free Music For Your Project!

If you know of a site not listed in this post, let me know and I'll add the link!

Give Life Back To Music

Public domain, free music. Various types and genres.


Any list of free music sites would be remiss without a mention of Kevin MacLeod's vast database. Music on Incompetech is all instrumental and is searchable by genre, mood and feel. A great deal of it is specifically geared towards game or soundtrack use.

The Kyoto Connection

Japanese style pop and contemplative, also available in album-size .zips.

Dig CC Mixer

Offers tracks with vocals and instrumentals. Something that seems unique to this database is the offering of several tracks with their component parts- you'll be given the option to download the instrumentals only (on a track with vocals), just the drumline, just the bass, etc. You can also search by the type of media you want to use the music in (video, game, podcast, etc). Most of the music seems to be electronica.

Free Music Archive

FMA offers a wide variety of music in different genres; my one complaint is that the site doesn't allow you to search by license, or mark tracks as licensed for commerical use or not licensed for commerical use. I prefer to stick to music that's been okayed for commerical use even if I'm not intending to sell the project I'm using it in, since the line between commercial and non-commerical can be a little vague.


SoundClick does allow searching by license and you can see at a glance whether or not a track is okayed for commerical use. There's some darn good music here too, vocal and instrumental. There's also a wealth of music you can pay to license for commerical use if the free stuff just does not work for your project.

Art Resources

This is a list of helpful online resources and tutorials that I compiled for the attendees of a drawing workshop I gave in July. I thought I'd share it for anyone who'd like to keep a list of resources handy. It's not as extensive as some resource collections, but it covers the basics.


Here's a collection of tutorials by Sherm Cohen: He worked for Nickelodeon and these were actually used for the crew working on Spongebob. There's a lot of neat stuff about line of action, poses, planning out a drawing, and other things. There's also a link to his site where he has tutorial videos.

Great stuff on expressions:

Here's a collection of tutorials on drawing the human figure: there's special emphasis on faces, poses, hands and feet

Here's a bigger collection of tutorials: mostly on human and animal anatomy

An in-depth tutorial on realistic faces:

Here's a little bit about shading with pencil:

Here's a post on my blog about drawing hands: ;

If you're interested in buying drawing books, here are some that have helped me:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I have a confession to make (conversational post)

I'll be in Artist Alley of CONsole Room in May and signing up for that combined with the 12th Doctor buzz has put me into a minor Doctor Who frenzy. And I have a confession:

I really love Daleks?

Look at this- a normal Dalek is an armored dome with horrifying death beams on it. So they're basically little alien tanks. This one is...