Friday, August 9, 2013

Art Resources

This is a list of helpful online resources and tutorials that I compiled for the attendees of a drawing workshop I gave in July. I thought I'd share it for anyone who'd like to keep a list of resources handy. It's not as extensive as some resource collections, but it covers the basics.


Here's a collection of tutorials by Sherm Cohen: He worked for Nickelodeon and these were actually used for the crew working on Spongebob. There's a lot of neat stuff about line of action, poses, planning out a drawing, and other things. There's also a link to his site where he has tutorial videos.

Great stuff on expressions:

Here's a collection of tutorials on drawing the human figure: there's special emphasis on faces, poses, hands and feet

Here's a bigger collection of tutorials: mostly on human and animal anatomy

An in-depth tutorial on realistic faces:

Here's a little bit about shading with pencil:

Here's a post on my blog about drawing hands: ;

If you're interested in buying drawing books, here are some that have helped me:

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